• Where old world vines meet next world terroir.

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Planning a visit?

With our reservation system and our lakeview outdoor tasting patio, you, your family, and your friends will be socially distanced from others. And we can personalize your tasting for a signature Howling Bluff experience. Book your private, refined experience now.


1086 Three Mile Rd., Penticton BC V2A 8T7 - 250-490-3640

Email- info at howlingbluff dot ca

Luke, the owner, and his family is so passionate about the wine-making. The wines are well balanced and thoughtful. We had a great time.

Michelle N - Google

Had a great experience, the tasting there is amazing, 5 estate wines to taste that have very unique flavor and the taster was incredibly nice and explained a lot of the wine culture to us. Definetly recommend :) Thank you!

Madeleine C - Facebook

We had not been to this winery before. Our loss. The staff are great and the wine is superb. They make amazing Pinot noir wines. The outside patio is very nice to either sit or stand and enjoy the surroundings. We will be back.

B & L - Tripadvisor

Howling Bluff Estate Winery

About Us

Howling Bluff Wine Club

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The story behind the name

Where did our name, Howling Bluff, come from? The name came about from a beautiful early spring morning, the moon still in the sky and our dogs howling away on the bluff by the winery. The scene, the occasion, and the moment just seemed too perfect. Thus Howling Bluff winery, and the stylized logo with our beloved dog Summa, was born. Our talented artist neighbour, Johann Wessels, created the stylized logo and the other stunning artwork you’ll see at the winery.

We also get many questions about the name of our vineyard, Three Mile Creek vineyard. Three Mile creek runs under our Century Block pinot noir vines, and under the road now called Three Mile Road.

Howling Bluff Winery Vlog

Our soil was made for Pinot Noir

The Naramata Bench is an enviable place to grow grapes. It has been said that grape vines enjoy a view of the water and nowhere does the view get better than from our Three Mile Creek vineyard.